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А. Пуанкаре


Ancient Volcanic Glasses of the Urals

The existing data on findings of unaltered volcanic glasses in the Paleozoic (from Late Ordovician to Late Devonian inclusive) volcanic strata of the Ural fold belt are systematized. These glasses have compositions that correspond to tholeiitic basalts, potassic alkaline basaltoids, andesites, and rhyolites. Relic portions of glasses of cenotypal appearance are preserved in thick glassy crusts of pillow lava flows, in fragments among hyaloclastites, in bombs from tuffs, and in extrusive bodies and dykes. Chemical analysis showed that the amount of dissolved water was low (1–1.3 wt %) in the primary tholeiitic magma and higher (8–10 wt %) in the magma that formed island-arc hyalobasalts, potassic alkaline basaltoids, andesites and rhyolites.

Библиографическая ссылка: Korinevskii V. G. (2011). Ancient Volcanic Glasses of the Urals // Journal of Volcanology and Seismology, 2011, vol.5(1), pp. 33–44.