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П. Буаст


Бариевый биотит из Ильмен

The reported find of barium biotites at the Aspen cape of the Bolshoy Ishkul lake is the first one at the Urals. These minerals occur in labrador and bytownite biotite-amphibole gabbro forming non-metamorphosed inclusi-ons in blocks of serpentinite melange among metamorphic rocks of Ilmenogorsky complex. There ate two varie-ties of barium biotites: first - with a moderate Ba content (BaO 1.37 wt%), and second - the Ba-rich one (BaO 8.52 wt%). Their crystal-chermical formulas, calculated on 7 cations, are, respectively: I - (K0,98 Ba0.04)1.02 (Mg1.40 Fe2+0.81 Fe3+0.37 Ti0.25 AlVI0.14 Mn0.03 V0.03)3.01 (Si2.74 AIIV1.26O10) (OH)1.37; II - (K0.73 Ba0.27)1.00(Mg1.63 Fe2+0.54 Fe3+0.43 AlVI0.19 Ti0.19 Mn0.02)3.00 (Si2.50 AlIV1.50O10) (OH1.72 C10.04)1.76 Previously, the barium biotites with similar com-positions have been described in Coldwell alkaline comple. (In Russian)

Библиографическая ссылка: Кориневский В.Г., Кориневский Е.В., Кориневская Г.Г. Бариевый биотит из Ильмен // Записки Российского минералогического общества. 2005. № 2005. С. 75-83.